I am experienced in delivering software solutions for e-commerce and payment systems. I worked both on front-end and back-end in delivering required functionality using a variety of programming languages and frameworks: Java, DropWizard, Vaadin, Java EE, C#, ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, MySQL, Javascript, NodeJS, Express. Latest implementations use a microservices architecture hosted on AWS. I am experienced in working in Agile teams using Scrum and Kanban to deliver functionality iteratively.

Work Experience

Senior Developer (Consultant) - ThoughtWorks (current)

Doing a full stack delivery, with backend made of microservices running on the JVM using Clojure and Java. Using as persistence MongoDB. For communication between services I am using RabbitMQ and REST over HTTP. Exposing data from this services to the user via ReactJS.

Developer - Government Digital Services (GDS) 2017 - 2019

Using Java 8, DropWizard, PostgreSQL, NodeJS and Express to deliver a series of microservices hosted in AWS. Focused mainly on providing an online payment aggregator from different Payment Service Providers using Agile with Scrum and Kanban.

Java Developer - Pay4 UK (2016 - 2017)

Was part from the development team for the credit platform. Using Vaadin, Java 8 and MySQL to create a fully fledged credit management platform.

Graduate Software Engineer - Transport for London (TfL) 2015 - 2016

My experience with TfL is varied from the contactless travel system using you credit/debit card, to the Oyster system and to a microservices project to deliver data for the mobile application. Used a variety of technologies and programming languages, from C#, .NET, SQLServer, Azure to Java, Oracle db and linux distros.

Junior Software Ddeveloper - Master of Malt (2012 - 2015)

Different software projects from web applications using ASP.NET MVC and web forms, to console applications. I added features to the ecommerce website, I added functionality to the warehouse systems, designed and implemented order tracking system for overseas customers. I designed, deployed and setup the WiFi network from the warehouse and provided support when needed.

Desktop Engineer - Union Computers (2012)

Volunteer for Union Computers in campus to fix software and hardware problems for students. It was an amazing experience where I could apply my knowledge in hardware and software to help other people.

IT Technician - ICS Broker (2010 - 2011)

I was responsible to maintain and upgrade communication infrastructure for ICS Broker, Bucharest, Romania.

Education (desc)

JETBRAINS Kotlin for Java Developers - Coursera (2019)

PLURALSIGHT Clojure Fundamentals - Part 1 (2019) Java Generics (2017)

ORACLE OCA (1Z0-808) - Java SE 8 Programmer I (2017)

SCRUM.ORG PSD - Professional Scrum Developer (2016)

UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX Bsc with Hons - Computer Science (G400) with a year in industry (2011-2015)

CISCO ACADEMY - CCNA 1 (2010-2011)


Buzz Words

Java 8, Clojure, Kotlin, Groovy, JavaScript, C#, .NET, Postgresql, SQL Server, MongoDB, DropWizard, SpringBoot, Pedestal, ExpressJS, ReactJS, JUnit, NUnit, Spock, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, GoCD, Git, Docker, TDD, Xtreme Programming, Jira.